" Dreams betray many but Hardwork betrays none."

Hi guys! Welcome and thank you for visiting this simple blog.

This blog is about the stay of the blogger in Chiang Rai, Thailand, his experiences and learning about their culture and their education.

As for a brief  background about the blogger, he is currently a simple fourth year college student in Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology - Main Campus taking Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Science. As his specialization says, he loves studying Science, especially the field of Biology for he loves to wonder about things in nature. He loves to watch documentaries about wildlife, either of flora and fauna, reading articles about discoveries of new species of life and articles about scientific breakthroughs publish on the internet. He also engage himself into sports. Furthermore, if he has spare time in his day, he watch animes and mingling with other students.

He was the first child of his family, and he dreams to become successful someday, hoping to help not only his family but also other people around him. 

He is currently a part of a student exchange program called SEA-Teacher, that aims to give opportunity for education students to have their teaching practice and garner teaching experiences from different schools of other countries in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, this program aims to bring the culture of every countries to one another by letting the participating students to personally experience the culture and tradition as well as daily living.

There are so much things you need to discover about the blogger and his experiences in his sojourn in Chiang Rai, Thailand. I hope that you will enjoy reading the articles and post to be made by the blogger himself.

Thank you once again and enjoy!!!

**" You can also help the blogger by giving suggestion on how he can improve this blog. Feel free to use the comment/ message box below"**

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